Ultimate Allergy Screening

Ultimate Allergy Screening

Empower Your Health Journey with examine me's
 Ultimate Allergy Screening

Accurately Test for 295 Allergens and Take Control of Your Well-being.

Ultimate Allergy


Our state-of-the-art allergy test offers a comprehensive analysis for those experiencing unclear symptoms or multiple sensitivities.

Using advanced technology, we test for 295 allergens, providing you with a clear and detailed understanding of your allergies.

Key Features

Allergy Screening

Fast Results

Receive detailed findings within 2 days.
Allergy Screening

Advanced Methodology

Utilising quantitative solid-phase immunoassay for accurate detection.
Collection Method
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How it works


Choose Your Testing Option

Opt for a convenient Walk-in Clinic or a Home Appointment.
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Simple Blood Test

A quick and non-invasive procedure, either from your arm or a finger prick.
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Receive Comprehensive Results

Get your results fast via email and our interactive Health Dashboard.

Key Benefits

Extensive Allergen Coverage

Opt for a convenient Walk-in Clinic or a Home Appointment.

Molecular Allergen Detection

Emphasize the accuracy, particularly for food allergies.

Minimal Discomfort

Small blood sample requirement, less invasive than skin prick tests.

Rapid Results

Get your results within 3 days.

Comprehensive Analysis

Detailed analysis including IgE antibody levels.

Improved Diagnostic Accuracy

Stress the improved accuracy over traditional tests.

Personalized Treatment Potential

Mention how it aids in creating individualized treatment plans.

Reduced Misdiagnosis Risk

Emphasize the reduced risk and better health outcomes.

Enhanced Quality of Life

Focus on improved life quality through better allergy management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you need anything else try our help section.

What does the Ultimate Allergy Screening test for?

Our test comprehensively screens for 295 common allergens, including food, environmental, and seasonal triggers, providing a detailed analysis of your allergic sensitivities.

How is the allergy test performed?
The test involves a simple blood sample collection, either from your arm at our walk-in clinics or through a home finger prick kit.
How long does it take to get the results?
The turnaround time for test results is approximately 7 days.
How will I receive my test results?
Your test results will be securely emailed to you as a PDF file and also uploaded to our Health Dashboard for comprehensive analysis.
What should I do if I have severe allergy symptoms?
If you’re experiencing severe symptoms or red flag symptoms like unexplained weight loss, persistent fevers, or night sweats, it’s crucial to consult a healthcare professional immediately.
Is the test suitable for children?
Please consult with a healthcare provider to determine if this test is appropriate for children.
How accurate is the allergy test?
Our test uses quantitative solid-phase immunoassay methodology, ensuring high accuracy and reliability in detecting allergen-specific IgE antibodies.
Can I use the test results for my treatment plan?
The results provide a comprehensive overview of your allergies and can be a valuable tool for your healthcare provider to develop a personalized treatment plan.

295 Biomarkers

Tree Pollen

Grass Pollen

Weed Pollen

Mould and Yeast Fungi

Mites and Cockroaches

Animal Epithelia

Insect Venom

Food - Egg and Milk

Food - Meat

Food - Fish and Seafood

Food - Cereals and Seeds

Food - Spices

Food - Legumes and Nuts

Food - Vegetables

Food - Fruits

Additional Allergens