Terms of Use

With reference to our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, this page is meant to provide you with information regarding our company and the legal terms and conditions (Terms) on which we offer any of the services available on our website to you.

These Terms will be applicable to any agreement between us for the provision of Services to you (Contract). The services we provide include enabling the collection and analysis of blood specimens (Tests) as well as the processing and communication of the outcomes of the Tests (results reports) which incorporate feedback from certified medical practitioners (GP feedback).

It is important that you read and comprehend these Terms before purchasing our services. When you are placing an order, you will need to accept these Terms. If you decide not to accept these Terms, we will not be able to provide you with any of our services.

These Terms, and any Contract between us, are only in the English language.

1. Information about our company

We operate the website www.examineme.co.uk. We are Lab Technologies Limited (trading as ‘examine me’), a company registered in England and Wales under company number 14103591. The registered address of examine me is Unit 146 The Light Box, 111 Power Road, Chiswick, Greater London, W4 5PY.

2. How to contact us, and how we contact you

  1. In order to cancel a Contract in agreement with your legal right (as stated in clause 6), all you need to do is to notify us of your intention to cancel via an email to our support team via support@examineme.co.uk. Please include your name and order reference number in your email. Your cancellation will be valid from the time you communicate this to us.  If you need to contact us for any other reason (including to raise a complaint), you can email our customer service team at support@examineme.co.uk.
  2. If we have to contact you or give you notice in writing, we will do so via email or by pre-paid post to the address you provide to us in your order.

3. How the contract between us is formed

  1. Only individuals aged over 18 years old may purchase or use our services.

  2. It is not permissible to utilise our services for medical emergencies. If you believe you are facing a medical emergency, you should immediately leave our website and contact 999. Our website and its contents are not suitable for emergency health care.

  3. On our website, we will walk you through the steps for placing an order. Please make sure to check for and make corrections to any mistakes that you find in your request through each page of the ordering process.

  4. After you have put in your order, we will send you a confirmation email that verifies the order has been successfully accepted (Order Confirmation). The Contract between us will only be created when we have sent, and you have received the Order Confirmation.

  5. In cases where we are unable to perform a Test for you, we will not verify your order or send an order confirmation, and we will notify you of this by email. If we have already taken your payment, we will offer you a complete refund (including all additional shipping fees) within one working week of our email.

4. Sample collection & postage

  1. We will send the test kit for the Test you have purchased as soon as possible after Order Confirmation. We offer two types of specimen collection, finger prick, that you can do on your own, and phlebotomy that must be completed by an experienced phlebotomist. It will be evident from the Website which method of specimen collection your Test necessitates. Do not try to collect your own specimen with a phlebotomy set.
  2. If your test necessitates sampling to be completed by a phlebotomist, the website will guide you to a page to book an appointment at home or at a clinic.
  • It is necessary to arrive at the phlebotomy appointment 10 minutes early and be polite to the phlebotomist at all times. You agree to cover any expenditures that arise due to your failure to do so.
  • If you need to reschedule or cancel your phlebotomy appointment, you can do so up to 48 hours prior by contacting our support team via support@examineme.co.uk.
  • If you reschedule or cancel the phlebotomy appointment in less than 48 hours of the appointment, you will not be refunded the cost of the appointment and will be asked to pay for a new appointment (if you reschedule). Please see clause 6 for further details.

3. When you receive a test kit you must read and follow all of the sample collection instructions carefully to provide your sample and then send it back to us the same day the blood sample has been taken. Any delay in returning the sample to us will increase the risk of test failure and the blood test needing to be repeated. We can not run tests on samples that are more than 7 days old.

  • The test kit provided will become invalid after 60 days, so it is important to ensure that the sample is collected and returned within this timeframe. Please use the online portal to log when you send your sample back to us.
  • If you do not post your sample back to us within 60 days of the test kit being delivered and you still require a Test, you will be charged £12 for a replacement test kit.

4. In the event that you fail to collect enough blood using a finger prick kit, we may at our discretion send you a complimentary test kit and ask you to redo the process without any additional cost. We may also provide you with the option to have your blood sample taken by a phlebotomist, in which case there would be a fee that we will inform you of at the time. Until you have chosen whether to request a replacement test kit or to book and pay for a phlebotomy appointment, we will not provide any other services.

5. The approximate time for processing and providing the test results can be seen on our website. This is merely a suggestion and not binding or a fundamental part of the agreement. If your results are not ready within 15 days of us receiving your sample, we will provide you with a full refund, and your contract with us will be terminated.

5. Failed tests and missing results

  1. We may not be able to run tests for some/all of the health markers included in a test or profile if sample collection instructions are not adhered to. For example, squeezing your finger too hard or shaking the tube can cause haemolysis of the blood sample, and not mixing the sample properly can cause clotting. Additionally, if there is not enough blood collected this limits our ability to run tests.
  2. In the event that some or all of the health markers included in your test/profile cannot be processed due to sample collection instructions not being adhered to, we will offer you the ability to retest these health markers. However, there will be a £12 charge for a new sample collection kit.

6. Our prices and payment methods

  1. The only payment method we accept for Tests is debit card or credit card via Stripe. The following cards are accepted: Visa/Delta/Electron, MasterCard/Eurocard, Maestro, American Express. We accept Debit cards that have a Visa or MasterCard logo.
  2. The entire sum for the Tests and delivery costs must be paid in advance in order for us to send a test kit to you. Your debit or credit card will not be charged until we accept your order.
  3. The price of our Tests will be exactly what is shown on our Website when you make a purchase, and we take all due steps to guarantee that the Test prices are correctly presented. However, please see clause 5.4.I for what happens if we discover an error in the price of the Test you ordered. Additionally, please note that phlebotomy fees (if applicable) are not included in Test pricing.
  4. Unfortunately, due to the extensive range of Tests that we have available, there is always the possibility of a mistake being made and the prices of certain Tests being displayed incorrectly on our Website.
  • Should this happen and the true cost of the Test is higher than what is displayed on our Website, we will try to contact you as soon as possible and offer you the choice to make the purchase at the correct rate or cancel your order. Your order will not be processed until you make the selection, but if we are unable to get in touch with you, we will cancel the order and inform you of this in writing.
5. If you have purchased a Test which includes GP feedback on results, the cost of that GP feedback will be included in the Test price. 6. By placing an order, you are accepting these Terms of Service in full. Please do not place an order if you do not agree with our Terms of Service. 

7. Your right to refund

  1. You are within your legal rights to terminate a Contract within 14 days of receiving our Order Confirmation. If you have a change of heart within this time period, you can let us know of your intent to cancel the Contract and you might be eligible for a refund in some cases. You can get more information regarding your legal right to cancel the Contract from your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau or Trading Standards office.
  2. Upon making an order with us, you acknowledge that you are requesting us to start the Service right away and recognize that once the Test has been completed, you won’t have the ability to cancel the Contract.
  3. If at any time you want to cancel your Contract, please contact our support team as soon as possible via support@examineme.co.uk who will advise you whether the cancellation is possible and if relevant what refund you are entitled to. Please include your order number in all correspondence.
  4. Any refunds will be made to the credit card or debit card used by you to pay for our Service. If you paid using a gift card the amount may be refunded back onto a gift card.
  5. In the event that you decide to terminate your Contract within 14 days of purchasing our services, the following outlines what refund you are eligible to receive.
  • If we have not sent a test kit to you yet, there will be no cost and if you have already paid, you will be refunded the full amount.
  • If the test kit has already been sent, we will subtract the delivery fee plus an extra £12 from the refund to compensate for the cost of the kit, as test kits cannot be used again once they have been shipped.
  • If you have bought a test that needs a phlebotomist to draw your blood sample and an appointment has been made, you will be reimbursed for the expense of the appointment if you let us know of your intention to cancel at least 48 hours in advance.
  • If you let us know that you need to cancel or reschedule your phlebotomy appointment within 48 hours of the appointment, you will not receive a refund for the cost of the appointment and will have to pay for a new appointment.
  • If a phlebotomist cancels your appointment and a new appointment cannot be agreed upon, you will be entitled to a full refund.
  • If a blood sample has already been taken by a phlebotomist or analysed in a laboratory, you will be ineligible for any refund.
  • If you decide to terminate our Contract because we did not fulfil the terms and conditions (excluding cases where we experience a situation that is beyond our control, see clause 11 for further details), you do not owe us anything and we will refund any money that you have already paid in relation to this contract.

8. How we use your data

  1. Your personal data is only used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Please read our Privacy Policy to find out how we use your personal data. Our Privacy Policy can be found on our website.
  2. We request your personal data, including your name and contact details, via our website to enable us to:
  • Deliver test kits to you
  • Arrange phlebotomy appointments for you
  • To process the results of your test and make your results available to you via a results report,

3. If your Test results are abnormal, we may disclose your personal information to an associated healthcare professional who will give us responses that we will subsequently pass on to you. Furthermore, if your results show a medical emergency, the associated healthcare professional may get in touch with you via email or telephone call to strongly suggest that you seek immediate medical assistance.

4. We may employ external companies to provide portions of our services. To ensure that our services are fulfilled, we will need to share your personal information, such as your name and contact details, with these third-party companies. These third-party companies include:

  • Laboratories that analyse your samples.
  • Logistics companies that dispatch and deliver our test kits.
  • Other healthcare companies that book your phlebotomy appointments.

9. Results Report

  1. Once your Results Report is finalised, we will provide you with notice by way of email or text message. You will be able to review your results after signing in to your personal account on our online results portal that can be accessed through our website or app. The email you receive will contain a link to the online results portal. Our service is completely fulfilled when the Results Report is made available on the online results portal and we have given you notification about it through email.
  2. Our Results Report and any GP feedback should not be taken as medical advice and should not be used as a replacement for going to see a Doctor. Additionally, it is important not to disregard, evade or postpone getting medical advice from your doctor or any other qualified healthcare provider due to something you have read in our Results Report. If you are experiencing or suspect that you have a medical issue or condition, you should get in touch with a qualified healthcare provider straight away.
  3. We claim the Results Report we give to you, and the layout of it, as our own intellectual property. Nevertheless, we give you authorization to use the Results Report for your own personal needs.
  4. The Results Report we provide is only for personal use, you must not republish it or utilise it for any other purpose.

10. GP feedback and partner Healthcare Practitioners

  1. All practitioners who provide GP feedback are authorised to work in the UK and are included in the General Medical Council and/or the HCPC register. Before collaborating with us, the medical professionals inform us regarding their qualifications, training and experience that is applicable to providing feedback on blood test results.
  2. We are not accountable for the feedback that the Healthcare Practitioners offer. Thus, in accordance with the law, we are not at fault for the comments given by the Healthcare Practitioners we are affiliated with. Our Service only entails enabling you to get feedback from the Healthcare Professionals and giving you access to it.
  3. We deny (in accordance with the law) any and all accountability for, including, but not limited to, the accuracy or dependability of any data given by the Healthcare Practitioners. Additionally, we do not guarantee that two different Healthcare Practitioners would provide identical GP feedback for a single sample. Nevertheless, if we determine that any data given by a Healthcare Practitioner is not accurate or reliable, we will investigate this and, if necessary, cancel our working arrangement with that Healthcare Practitioner, based on our findings.

11. Our liability

  1. The Results Reports we offer are meant exclusively for individual and private use. We cannot be held accountable for any financial losses, lack of business, suspension in activities, or missed business opportunities that may come as a result of you utilising our services or giving out any details on the Results Report to anyone.
  2. We do not in any way exclude or limit our liability for:
  • death or personal injury caused by negligence;
  • fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation;
  • defective products under the Consumer Protection Act 1987.

3. Our responsibility to you in relation to a Contract will be limited to the amount of money you have paid us, meaning that, in the worst case scenario, you are eligible to receive a full refund but nothing further.

4. Specifically, we are not responsible for any losses, delays, disturbances, or harm that you experience due to:

  • damage or destruction of the sample while being delivered to us, or the sample being unable to be tested for any other explanation (view clause 4.3.III for our plan of action when this situation occurs);
  • problems as a result of slight blood loss or issues with the piercing created by our test kits. If you are concerned that utilising our test kits might have a negative impact on you, please do not purchase any of our services.
  • how you choose to use the data in the Results Report (including any GP feedback). This report will show precise measurements from studying your blood sample analysis. However, correctly understanding the measurements from a blood test is complex and requires extra details about the patient’s history, so any decisions you make based on the measurements is your responsibility. The information in the Results Report (including GP feedback if applicable) is not medical advice, and therefore should never substitute or delay you in getting medical advice.
  • any failure to process test results with the approximate “turnaround time” displayed on the Website, as this is an estimate only.
  • cancellation of a phlebotomy appointment.
5. We admit liability for any losses or damages that you suffer due to our negligence or breach of the Terms, yet we will not be held accountable for any losses or damages that were not foreseeable. A loss or damage is foreseeable if it is a predictable consequence of our violation or if it was taken into account by both us and you when we agreed to this contract.

12. Events outside our control

  1. We will not be held accountable for any failure to carry out or delay in fulfilling any of our duties under a Contract that is caused by an Event Outside Our Control. The definition of an event outside our control is stated in clause 11.2.
  2. An Event Outside Our Control means any act or event beyond our reasonable control, including without limitation strikes, lock-outs or other industrial action by third parties, civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disasters, or failure of public or private telecommunications networks or impossibility of the use of railways, shipping, aircraft, motor transport or other means of public or private transport
  3. If a situation arises that is not within our power to control and it has an effect on our capacity to fulfil our services under a contract:
  • We will be in touch with you promptly to inform you, and
  • In the case of a Contract, any of our services will be put on hold and the period for us to fulfil our obligations will be prolonged for the duration of the incident that is beyond our control.
  • Where the Event Outside Our Control affects our delivery of test kits to you or the arrangement of a phlebotomy appointment, we will arrange a new delivery date or appointment with you after the Event Outside Our Control is no longer evident. When an unforeseen event hinders our ability to provide you with test kits or schedule an appointment for a phlebotomist to draw your blood, we will coordinate a new delivery time or appointment with you once the event has settled and all is back to normal.
4. If an Event Outside Our Control lasts for more than 30 days, you have the right to cancel the Contract. To do so, get in touch with us and return any testing equipment that we have sent you (which we will cover the cost for). In return, we will give you back all of the delivery charges as well as a complete refund.

13. Social media conduct principles

Rules have been set in place regarding the use of social media to ensure that our staff members are treated respectfully and that a systematic way of handling a person’s exclusion from our social media platforms can be implemented if needed.

We have created a series of guidelines that aim to ensure that all users of our social media outlets have a pleasant experience:

  • Please ensure you comply with the social media platform’s Terms of Use, as well as these principles.
  • Be considerate, respectful and polite to other users of our social media channels and to our social media team.
  • We will remove users who are repeatedly disruptive, rude, offensive or abusive, threatening, bullying towards others or our social media team.
  • We will remove content that is graphic, sensitive, offensive, endorses illegal activity or is misleading.
  • We will not tolerate racist, misogynistic, blasphemous or homophobic or otherwise unlawful behaviour or content that is defamatory, offensive, pornographic, violent, abusive, insulting, threatening, harassing, discriminatory, indecent, misleading information, or otherwise unlawful.
  • We will remove any content that is deemed as spam.
  • Any examine me posts that are shared must credit examine me with its relative social media handle clearly displayed.

If a social media user violates these regulations on two occasions, they will be blocked from our social media channels.

14. Other important terms

  1. When we refer, in these Terms, to “in writing”, this will include email.
  2. We may transfer our rights and obligations under a Contract to another organisation, but this will not affect your rights or our obligations under these Terms.
  3. You may only transfer your rights or your obligations under these Terms to another person if we agree in writing.
  4. Every clause in these Terms is treated as an individual entity. If any court or relevant authority declares any of them to be invalid or unenforceable, the other paragraphs will still remain in full effect.
  5. If it appears that we are not insisting that you fulfil any of your obligations according to these Terms, or if we do not enforce our rights against you, or if we postpone in doing so, this does not necessarily mean that we have given up our rights or that you do not have to abide by those obligations. In the instance that we do forgive a breach of duty by you, we will make sure to do so in written form, and this does not necessarily mean that we will forgive any later breach of duty from you.
  6. The law of England applies to the Terms of our Website. Any disagreement or claim related to the Contract for buying Tests will be settled through the English law. The courts of England and Wales will have the sole jurisdiction for such cases. Residents of Northern Ireland have the authority to bring their cases to the courts of Northern Ireland and similarly, people living in Scotland can take their cases to the courts of Scotland.

This document was last updated on January 25th 2023.