StrideDNA Optimal Kit

StrideDNA Optimal Kit

StrideDNA Optimal with Personalised Methylation Reports and More

StrideDNA Test Optimal

Explore the depths of our genetics profile with the StrideDNA test, in partnership with Get Stride, offering unparalleled insights into your health and welbeing.

Collection Method:

Home Sample Collection:Check swab

What Gets Tested?

Genetic Mutation

Identify potential risks and tailor preventative measures.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Underrstand which vitamins and Minerals your body needs more of for optimal health.

Fitness Predispositions

Discover how your genes influence your fitness and tailor your exercise routiness accordingly.

Mental Cognition

Gain insights into your cognitive strengths and weaknesses, allowing for targeted mental health strategies.

Skin Insights

Understand your skin's genetic makeup to enchance skincare routines

Methylation Pathways

Analyse crucial pathways (e.g., Folate Cycle, COMT, MTR, MTHFR) to optimise bodily functions and prevent health issues

Who should do this test

Anyone looking to:

How it Works

Order Your Kit

At-Home Test (cheek swab).

Sample Analysis

Return your; get results in ten working days

Personalised Insights

UNlock StrideDaily supplement and health recommendations

Gray Brecka 10X Health Test

Heard of the Gray Brecka 10X Health Test?Our methylation test goes even deeper, providing a comprehensive analysis of our genetic profile and personalised health insights. While the 10X Health Test offers a great start, StrideDNA aims higher, focusing on the methylation pathway and nutrient deficiencies to help you optimise your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

The StrideDNA Optimal Kit is a comprehensive genetic testing service designed to offer in-depth insights into your genetic profile. By analysing your genetic mutations, nutrient deficiencies, fitness predispositions, mental cognition, skin insights, and methylation pathways, this test helps you optimise your health and well-being.

The StrideDNA Optimal Kit includes an easy-to-use cheek swab for at-home sample collection. Simply follow the instructions to collect your sample, then return it in the provided packaging. Your results will be ready within ten working days.

With the StrideDNA test, you will gain valuable insights into:

  • Genetic mutations and potential health risks
  • Nutrient deficiencies and personalised dietary recommendations
  • Fitness predispositions and tailored exercise routines
  • Mental cognition strengths and weaknesses
  • Your skin’s genetic makeup for optimised skincare routines
  • Methylation pathways for enhanced bodily functions and preventative health measures

The StrideDNA test is ideal for anyone interested in understanding their genetic predispositions and optimising their health through personalised insights. It’s perfect for those seeking expert guidance on diet, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments.

You can easily order your StrideDNA Optimal Kit online through the Examine Me website. Once ordered, it will be delivered to your home for convenient sample collection.

After you return your sample, you can expect to receive your personalised results within ten working days.

Your results will include StrideDaily supplement and health recommendations tailored to your genetic profile, helping you make informed decisions about your diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

While the Gray Brecka 10X Health Test provides a great introduction to genetic testing, the StrideDNA test delves deeper into your genetic profile. It focuses more on methylation pathways and nutrient deficiencies, providing comprehensive insights and personalised health strategies for optimal well-being.

Yes, your genetic information is kept strictly confidential and secure. We adhere to all privacy regulations to ensure your data is protected.