examine me+ Membership

In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, examine me+ is your constant, offering lifelong care and peace of mind.

just £899 a year, no insurance required.

Number of tests covered with membership 100+ 0 0 Depends, 1-5
Cost of advanced lab tests covered by membership
Top doctor guidance targeted to your results
A.I. Insights
On-demand access to lab tests
Access to advanced testing
Results tracked over time
Professional phlebotomists available
Transparent pricing for tests
Members not required to carry health insurance
Secure dashboard for results
Portable for use with any doctor

Extensive Testing

Access over 100 lab tests with membership.


Comprehensive diagnostics for just £899 a year, no insurance required.

Advanced Insights

Get top doctor guidance and AI-driven insights.


On-demand access to tests and results tracked over time.

Nationwide Availability

Use with any doctor across multiple providers.