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Examineme Plus Home

Take Control and ManageYour Health

Begin with over 100 lab tests and receive tailored insights based on your results, with repeat testing every 6 months.
Annually, for just £699.

Comprehensive and Inclusive.

Test your entire body with over 100 biomarkers, including hormones, thyroid, heart, metabolic, autoimmunity, sexual health, and much more.

Need another test? With our subscription, you’ll gain access to a wide range of additional tests. Join examine me+ and benefit from comprehensive diagnostics and personalised insights all year round.

Results Tracked
Over Your Lifetime.

Always know how your body is changing.
All results are stored in one secure place for easy access anytime.
You can also add all previous results, and we will combine
this data to provide better insights into your health.

examine me+ Helps Detect Early Indicators of Hundreds of Diseases

At examine me+, our comprehensive blood testing solutions empower you to take proactive control of your health. By offering an extensive range of biomarkers, we help detect early indicators of hundreds of diseases, ensuring timely intervention and better health outcomes. Our tests cover a wide spectrum of conditions, from common ailments to more complex health issues.


Clear, easy-to-read, and easy-to-understand results. Our platform delivers evidence- based insights developed with London based doctors.

examine me+ Membership

Save hundreds with examine me+. For just £699 a year, gain access to a comprehensive 100+ lab test routine and personalised insights. No insurance or hidden fees. What would normally cost £1500 on your own is now affordable and accessible.